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The Credit Boosting Training Program

Learn how to benefit and take control of your credit –
Discover the dos and don’ts surrounding credit and what you really should know

Title: Credit Boosting

  • Length: 3 Hours
  • Type: Online Training
  • No. of Modules: 9 Modules

Course Introduction

Climbing the Credit Ladder

Everyone knows about the property ladder, but did you know there is a similar ‘ladder’ in credit scoring that you can start climbing? This ‘Credit Ladder’ is largely unknown by the majority of people.

In fact, you actually have 3 main credit scores in the UK alone and they are essential. They are possibly the most valuable financial tool you will ever own. They can potentially gain you access to better rates of finance, a cheaper mortgage, help you save money every month and even more. These 3 scores can be very influential on how much wealth you have and can potentially build.

Because of this, it’s wise to value and protect them, but ask yourself – are you currently doing this?

Through uncovering knowledge, you can protect, maintain and ultimately boost your credit rating and go on to take control of your financial future in ways that would be impossible were you not to know.

This training program aims to help you do this and much much more.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What makes up your credit score
  • What negatively affects your credit score
  • How to improve your credit score
  • Ways to sustain a better credit score
  • Access to better credit moving forward

Who This Course Is For:

  • Anyone with personal finances
  • Those who have a credit card
  • People that want to purchase a house
  • People with a low credit score
  • People with credit issues

What’s Covered

Module 1:

You have 3 credit scores

Module 2:

How lenders really score you

Module 3:

Secrets to building your credit score

Module 4:

Credit accounts

Module 5:

Mastering bank statements

Module 6:

Understanding payments

Module 7:

Outgoing payments

Module 8:

Unacceptable payments

Module 9:

Retaining your credit score


Access to better credit for life
Digital Online Course

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If you’re looking for One-2-One support with an expert coach throughout your credit-boosting journey then talk to our team about our Credit Boosting Plus package.

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Credit Boosting.


How to boost your credit score, enabling you to get better credit at better rates. Learn what credit agencies don’t tell you.


The Dos and Don'ts when presenting your income to a mortgage broker or Bank. Learn how to present yourself in the ‘right way’ for banks to look upon you more favourably.


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